Team Shootout

by The Good Life on April 22, 2012

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Sage Kotsenburg getting tit deep in the pow.

So we just got home now, after an insane 3 weeks.  The Chosen Session, followed by some filming, followed by team shoot out for transworld, all interspersed with rain and tough conditions.  It was one of the most rewarding trips of the year however, and was a great way to round out winter.

Tom West works hard even though he thinks saving two shovels and Jamie Nicholls snowboard is worth more than two rental cars from a snow eating machine.

In his debut on the goodlife, Scotty Lago, made quite the impression.  All round shred machine, and funny man.  Good having him around.

Gjermund charges at all times, he doesnt seem to have a cruise mode.  This was on Friday.  Yep the snow wasnt bad…..

It was so good even Frode was getting at it.

It turns out Sage has a nice style in Pow.  He isnt Nico Muller yet, but he could be park citys version soon enough.  That our Park Citys Milf hunter at least.

When I was coming through, I always remember hearing stories about excesses at the top of snowboarding.  Well inkeeping with that, this was the set up I built for Gjermund after hitting a spot one day.  It was raining like cats and dogs so he rode until he got the shot then came down, and I had Man utd set up on the laptop rolling in my car for him.  Not a bad way for a wind down.  I meanwhile had to keep digging in the rain for Peetu and Lago.

This time of year normally I cant wait to stop snowboarding, but this year, with it being such a good motivated crew, I was just stoked, and could honestly go on more trips after some washing and sleeping.  Its a great way to work.

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