The Chosen Black and White

by The Good Life on April 7, 2012

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Yesterday, well the last few days the weather has turned kinda crappy here, and so its been a limited amount to do.  Being the motivated bunch though, we sent some of the crew up the hill.

These two blokes were making it happen up the hill, and getting the riders motivated.

So I thought since my photography at times can be sketchy I decided to switch to black and white to get it rolling.  This was how the crew was looking…

We had Ellery and Spencer up in here.

Peetu is up in here too.

This is the standard lunch everyday.

Followed by Coffee and Cake

And these are the blokes making it happen behind the camera.

Bobby “I smell eggs” Meeks.

Brad Kremer.  The man behind a million of my favourite snowboard movies.

James Bryant is in the house too.

Daniel Blom was getting it done on the hill aswell.   Dedicated.

Die Deustch war hier auch.

This Guy Nicholls has been killin it, and did some amazing stuff this week with one of the best rails to drops you can see.

So this is the banging edit from the Big Air session from the ams here with some of Jan Scherrer, Ethan Morgan and the finnish Machine Peetu.

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