An Open Letter to Brendan Rodgers

by The Good Life on May 29, 2012

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This season, has easily been the most memrorable for me in my years as a Swansea fan.  Somehow I started following the swans when we were at our lowest, training on the beach and so experienced a good few years of the lows.

So this season has been all the more sweeter, with so many highlights its hard to recount them all.  Of course the Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Fulham and Villa away games are some of the best, but I wanted to draw your attention to the impact we have had around the world.

I watch the swans from a far, I manage to get to a few games a season, but due to my work commitments I have to be away for most of the football season, travelling non stop pretty much, but due to the wonders of the internet and phones I am always up to date with the latest.

Some would call that plastic, I call it dedicated.

I have figured out every way to watch us online, from regular TV, to Sky, to streams to setting up VPN networks to watch from china, to watching the text on BBC roll in and getting texts from the stadium from my dad.

Nowadays every club is talking about “the global brand” and to many clubs I feel all they think that means is selling shirts to kids in Indonesia.  So Mr Rodgers I thought you should hear about how you have been building a global appreciation, from true football fans the world over.

I have watched us in a crowded bar in Oslo, and seen a Swedish guy nearly in tears, because we let victory against Norwich slip away.  He was a devout jack, and loved the team, all because of how we played in the championship and this season in the premier league.

I have rented a car in Iceland, only for the man at Hertz, to say, “ah you’re a swansealona fan, they are my favourite, they play the right way” and that was before we signed Gylfi Sigurdson, I am sure now if I went back in a Swansea shirt I would get a handshake and knighted upon entry.

Currently I am sitting on a flight from Amsterdam to Munich, with the Feyernord junior team who all are jumping up and down with the fact that Michel Vorm plays for us, and he is without doubt in their minds the best dutch keeper right now.  Last night I was in a bar in Die Haag with fans from Ado, who were debating what we need now, “you will sign Toonstra from Den Haag, he will be the next star” and they all know of our achievements this season.

I watched the Man City game in Vermont in the states, with American friends who rejoiced watching us.  They appareciate the game being played in the right way.  I watched the Liverpool game on an interenet stream from Venice Beach California, with an Arsenal fan who couldn’t have been more excited to see us beat Liverpool and see Andy Carrol get the run around from Joe Allen and Leon.

A good friend of mine is the physio at Hamburg HSV in Germany, and whenever we catch up, he is always wanting to see the latest match of the day so he can see our latest achievements.

We have watched a good few games from Austria on various levels of bad streams, and run around the apartment screaming when we beat Fulham.

I was in Japan watching the Man Utd game, loosing narrowly to them at the Liberty, and I watched from China aswell, on some high level set up to navigate around Chinas heavy internet laws as we beat Fulham at home.

My father has been to every home game and a good few away games, and has had the best season of his life, so for that, thank you.

Thank you for signing up Gylfi and I do hope that you  can stay in the job at the Liberty as we want you here for years to come.

So Brendan, I don’t know if kids in Indonesia are wearing our shirts yet, but frankly I don’t care, real football fans, not jonny come lately Man City or Chelsea types, but real football people around the world recognize our achievements, and any country I have been in this season, from Europe to America to Asia, all know, about Swansea, our players, our wonderful fans, our beautiful city and coast line, and so for that Brendan, I thank you.

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