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by The Good Life on May 20, 2012

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Early on in the Football season, I made some predictions for how the Premier League might look by now.  It has easily been one of the most enjoyable seasons of football anyone can remember.  From the controversy of Suarez, John Terry and every time Joey Barton steps on the pitch to the fantastic goals of Cisse, Van Persie and of course Swansea’s own Sigurdsson, to the fantastic performance of clubs such as Swansea, Norwich, Newcastle as the unexpected teams of the season.

So this was the link to my predictions, but you can see them below.


1. Man Utd

2 Liverpool

3. Chelsea

4. Man City

5. Arsenal

6. Tottenham

7. Everton

8. Sunderland

9. Aston Villa

10. Stoke

11. Bolton

12. Fulham

13. West Brom

14. Swansea

15. Wigan

16. Norwich

17. Wolves

18. Newcastle

19. Blackburn

20. QPR

and below how it actually finished up.

1 Man City 38 64 89
2 Man Utd 38 56 89
3 Arsenal 38 25 70
4 Tottenham 38 25 69
5 Newcastle 38 5 65
6 Chelsea 38 19 64
7 Everton 38 10 56
8 Liverpool 38 7 52
9 Fulham 38 -3 52
10 West Brom 38 -7 47
11 Swansea 38 -7 47
12 Norwich 38 -14 47
13 Sunderland 38 -1 45
14 Stoke 38 -17 45
15 Wigan 38 -20 43
16 Aston Villa 38 -16 38
17 QPR 38 -23 37
18 Bolton 38 -31 36
19 Blackburn 38 -30 31
20 Wolves 38 -42 25

As you can see, well I didnt get who won the league, and I only managed to get 1 out of 3 teams relegated.  Well things I did get right was teams would lose managers if the clubs didnt stick together, and true to form, Neil Warnock got shipped out early enough to be replaced by Mark Hughes at QPR. Chelsea also got cold feet with Vilas-Boas and in the end, and the players put themselves into line and ended up winning the FA Cup and Champions League.

What else happened? Well, the Scousers finally sacked Kenny Dalgeish last week, after the Swans beat his mob at the end of the season.  That was probably my biggest mess up, as I was convinced that Liverpool would challenge the top 2 or 3.  Now they are struggling to be in the top half of the league.

I also messed up with Newcastle, because I thought with Mike Ashley and a twitchy fanbase where he is concerned, would make for a bad recipe for Alan Pardew, however he came through with flying colours, and really played amazingly this season, primarily due to the fact they signed a few fantastic individuals and netted them to become a team.

As far as the league goes, well Man Utd did a great job of throwing it away, and handing it to Man City, who to be fair deserved it for the number of goals they scored, and especially those against Utd.  Its also interesting to see that City have built a team on a good spine, with Joe Hart, Kompany, Silva, Aguerro amoungst others, they have an amazing team.  Man Utd have serious work to do in the transfer window if they want to keep up next season, but saying that, so does Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs.  All those teams will be working hard to try and match City, but unless they have serious money, or a manager who can work wonders as Alan Pardew or Brendan Rodgers has done, they have no chance.

Ah so to the Swans, I have already written a lot here about them, but all that can be said, is Thank You Brendan and all the players.  We were predicted to go down by all and sundry, Sky even had us at 4/7 on to go down.  I predicted 14th optimistically and we finished 11th, amazing!

You have all made our season, and so carry it on through next season.  What do Swansea need to keep it up next season?  Well start with signing Gylfi Sigurdson, and then work out I would say.  Hopefully a strong defender, like Caulker if Caulker wont sign again.  Then another cover defender, another cover strong midfielder maybe a left footed attacker, and an up and coming striker, but with Darnel Situ and Rory Donnelly waiting in the wings we may already have that.

Congratulations to Man City for winning the league, Chelsea for winning Champions League, and shame about Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves going down.

So now for predictions for managers.

Liverpool – Martinez

Villa – Paul Lambert

Wigan – Gus Poyet

Norwich – Delia Smith will bake someone.

Chelsea – Di Matteo should get the job.

So thats potentially 5 managers changing jobs through summer.  As long as Brendan stays where he is we will be fine.  Also huge respect to him for staying away from Liverpool.

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