by The Good Life on May 7, 2012

in Portland, The Good Stuff

With travelling quite often if your going the same routes or places you can get a little blaze at times.  However yesterday we travelled up from Portland to Bend, Oregon, and the drive up is amazing.  You go past Mt Hood, Timerline and a whole bunch of well known snowboard spots.  However the scenery is probably where its at.  Above is an amazing forest you drive through for what seems like ages.

This is the kind thing I’m talking about.

You drive up past a lot of mountains, here we get some slow shutter speed to make it like we are driving fast as hell

The road is like this for a while too, straight and no one about.

We have been cruising with Matthieu Georges, Frenchman, photographer, shoppingista, and newly converted surfer.  More to come from him this week.

Sunset and thats it.

Some sunset going down.

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