by The Good Life on May 10, 2012

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This week in Mt Bachelor, Bend, Oregon, Superpark 16 is going down thanks to the good folks at Snowboardermag US.  This is an event I have been looking forward to checking out for a while, as you always see so many legendary features.  The carpark above resembles a bit of a campground through the day.  Drinkwater were making it happen in there.

So yes, this is some heavy snapseed use, but middle of the day, the colours were tough to shoot here.  This is the Boreal feature.  Step up and over, with the whippiest jump ever, but this jump is one of the best for learning new tricks.  Seriously a bag jump doesnt have anything on this.

Ethan chucks himself into a double back rodeo.

That jump needs to be built in more places.

When you get a chance to try these boots, get involved, they are epic.

Gjermund has been here living the goodlife all week aswell.

Although judging by the texts and mails yesterday, he took a heavy slam on the side of that feature.  Thats right there is a wallride on the side of the step up.  I guess the two became one.

This was Gjermund the day before on the seven springs jump, pretty sick jumps they built up here.

Halldor is also back in the game.  Shreddding it up and enjoying the spring slush.

This is Austin Smiths hometown, so loves it here.  Some floating down the river, some shredding.

 Seems like to be in with the cool kids, you gotta have your sticker on the lift.

Its pretty insane here though, like the park crews, 4 of them, only get 7 days to build their features, which when you compare to other parks is insane, because that isnt long, and you see the detail these park crews get, is amazing.  Stand up Loon, Boreal, Seven Springs and of course Mt Bachelor.

Thats the seven springs jump from another angle.

Sage Kotsenburg has been here charging all week, and showing some new headwear fashion going on.

We had these two guys getting it all on film

Dirtbike extrodinaire Joe Carlino.

Frenchman, Artist, Good looking, sun tanned, photographer.

Meanwhile, off hill, things werent bad either.

Turns out Gjermund, Matthieu, Ethan and me, could just golf all week down the street.  Shame i had to leave but Peetu is rolling in, to get on the golf game.

Thanks to Tom Monteroso, Pat Bridges and the superpark crew for a great few days.


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