The Atlantic Cup

by The Good Life on June 16, 2012

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This week saw the Atlantic Cup go down in Anglet, France, with teams from across the world.  We made up a Great Britain team, with some legends on the pitch for us including James Stentiford, Marcus Chapman, Adam Gendle and the Greg the rock Martin at the back alongside me.  With Ed and Alex Leigh and Laura Berry we had a good team, and played some decent stuff.

Ed even tried getting friendly with the ref, but he was having none of it.  My Dad was Ref for the week, and did a sterling job.  Meanwhile I got a yellow card here and there for some terrible language.  There were legends left and right, with Burton TM Hasi playing like an Austrian Ronaldo in midfield.  I even played a game for the Austrians and scored a winner.  Hopefully I get a tax break for my help to the national economy after that win.

Talking of legends, we also had Roberto Gaggio playing, previously known as Greenshields, who was playing for the rest of the world team.

He had support from Nils Arvidsson, Brian Craighill, Ethan Morgan and Alexis De Tarade who won the “poet” of the tournament.  What a player.  They probably had one of the most entertaining teams in the event to watch.

For the final it went down to penalties.  Captains Muller and De Maria going for who gets to go first with the iron fisted ref.

The penalties were amazing to watch, with a lot of people missing theirs.  Including the captains…

De Maria going for it.

The French people have started revolutions for less than this in the past.

Then Nicolas “i got a new motor” Muller going for it.  Perfect on the stanchion corner of bar and post.

In the end the french won the penalties, and had a good old celebration.

Congrats to Florent, Crepel, Gerome, Enzo, Giraud, and the rest of the frenchies.  Final results looked like this

1. France

2. Switzerland (good players all round under the watchful eye of Samari Bruni, Goalkeeper pro)

3.Spain (Footballing champions, some insane good players)

4. UK (Started off brightly but as we neared the final hurdles, the pace, and last nights beers caught up with some of us)

5. Austria (Land of the giants captained by Hasi with Sani as Manager)

6. Rest of the World.  Great team, and a favorite to watch because of Alexis football skills and Ethans running into space and falling as he goes over 2km/h  Captain Craighill marshaled the team well, but missed out on Gjermund Braatens influence.

7. Holland – Never stops running despite adversity.  Congrats boys and girls on such a good week.

We had it all going on, WAGS included, and some fantastic support from those in attendance.  Thanks to Florent for all his handwork on the event, Nike for the support, and everyone who went the extra mile to make it here.

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