by The Good Life on June 23, 2012

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Over the past couple of years I have started swinging the old metal a bit, and seem to actually be quite liking it.  Its a pretty amazing way to spend an afternoon, and courses seem to be built in some pretty epic locations.Its a weird sport, because no matter how much it is a physical activity, it seems that its all about whats going on in your head.  Seems you can tell a lot about yourself from Golf, as you can really see how calm some people go, and others who start getting loose when they arent playing that good.  This is Il’Barritz between Biarritz and Bidart, where Cheryl took me, such a nice course, varied and loads of ways to loose your ball, lake, sea, cliffs, trees, hedges.  Only 2 balls lost yesterday though.

From the Nike team there is a good few players.  Peetu is probably out in front so far.  Calm head, and a good drive.

Ethans a good player too, but after starting surfing he cant seem to keep out the sand.

 Gjermund Braaten is now into it, and he has a certain style going down on the course.  He will no doubt be on the PGA by next summer.

Even Matt Georges swung some clubs in Oregon last time we were there for superpark.

Even the goodlady got involved in Egypt, she is quite the player after her lessons with Mohammed the Golf Teacher.

You should take a look at the amazing work the guys from Whiteout Golf are doing, with Mo and Drew as the driving force behind it.  In association with Migros they are doing a grassroots golf tour, and getting people to get into golf, learn about it, and realise that it doesnt have to be a sport for the rich and posh.  Thats been my issue with Golf in the past as whenever you wanted to play back in the day you get the feeling that people turn their nose up at you if your not 100% in the right get up.

Check out their website here

Keep up the good work and lets have a industry tournament please….

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