by The Good Life on June 3, 2012

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Now being a Snowboarder, i know a few years back people would find the thought of running a bit weird, and uncool, well some people probably still do, but if like me, the winter gives a)good times b)a lot of travel and lastly c) about 10kgs etc on your fat ass, the only way to get it shifted is by moving said fat ass a lot, so this month I have been running everywhere from Portland, Montpellier, Mayrhofen, England, Holland, and managed to keep going throughout the month of May.  Actually got me thinking how much running is like an addictive drug once your at it.  Its very hard not to do it once your in the game again.

It actually also got me thinking how interesting it would be to make a book about the various places in the world people run, everyone has their own little route with secret ways, place to stretch, place to get water, and its quite a good thing for you mentally, despite people saying its bad for your knees and stuff.  The spot above is where Matt Georges from Onboard runs every few days, pretty epic little zone.

These are a couple of good videos which kind of capture running and its addictive nature

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This one features a whole bunch of people, Torres running, Ibrohimivich, Fedderer and loads of men and women battling it out.  Go Men.

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