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by The Good Life on July 30, 2012

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So over the last few months, this is something that has popping up more and more, and is now well and truely making its prescence felt in Europe too.   Drink Water comes from Bryan Fox, and Austin Smith two of the most respected snowboarders around right now.  Both have been bringing video parts out for a good few years, and so I thought about time to delve deeper into Drink Water incase anyone in Europe was still wondering what its all about.    From a personal stand point, I am so happy to see people actively encouraging people to be healthy, to hydrate, and do something which actually helps your body – drinking water.  So many times when your at a contest, and the over branding from energy drink brands can just be way too much, something like this is a good move for those involved.

You just had the first ever Rat Race which is looking like to be one of the highlights of the calender for years to come….Tell us a little bit how it went down and if your happy with it?

Bryan, Curtis and I worked together as diggers at HCSC for a few summers together and have a love for summer snowboarding.  And each winter we have two contest we don’t miss, the Dirksen Derby and the Mt Baker Banked Slalom.  Going to these events gets you so hyped on snowboarding, it is an amazing gathering of amazing humans for a good reason, to snowboard.  We wanted to create something similar to this for summer, we talked about it for a few years and finally pulled the trigger this year.  

  It went much better than I could have imagined.  We were over capacity with people coming from all over the map, legends like Temple Cummins and Bobby Meeks got some turns, Olympians such as Scotty Lago and Hannah Teter gave it a go and my best bud Curtis Ciszek took the gold so it could not have gone any better. 
So you have been running Drinkwater stickers for a couple of years now, where did it start from? 

I dont even think we are at 1 year yet, it has been a busy 10 months though.  It started from the overwhelming presence of energy drinks.  We wanted to give ourselves and the kids an alternative, show that snowboarding is not just amped up energy crazed adrenaline junkies.

Didnt you want to sell your soul to an energy drink brand instead?

No, not easy turning down free money but harder to turn your back on your morals.  

Obescity is a big issue in the western world, but kids still are drinking energy drinks, do you find it strange that people dont make the connection between fizzy drinks and weight gain?
They make the connection, just don’t make the effort to change their habit.
Drinkwater isnt all about like setting up “another brand” as some people are doing, your actually doing real big things for a good cause.  Can you tell me a little about that as thats something the people need to know….?
Once we started Drink Water it opened our eyes up to the bigger picture of the water crisis we are in.  Nearly a billion people don’t have clean drinking water and we want to help stop this where we can.  Bringing awareness to the cause, donating a portion of our profits and organizing events such as the Rat Race where 100% profits are donatated to water.org

Austin going at it in the pool.  He drunk all the water so it was an empty pool. Get it?

I hear you had some coverage in NY times right?  Your big time now, How did that come about?
Just a few weeks after we launched out website we got hit up about doing an article for them.  I assumed it would be for web or buried in the ads somewhere but when I saw it printed front page of the sports section in the Sunday issue I was blown away. I was truly proud to show my parents.  
Lastly should ask about some snowboarding, how was your season this year, given you had opener in last years Videograss movie?
This was the best season I have had in years.  Shredding tons of powder and remained healthy.  Although I was working for the Nike project that has become a two year project so you might have to wait to see the action.  We took some awesome trips for Nitros new team video Hyped.  
Any plans for a rat race in Europe?  I know a good few people who would love to throw some shapes through the berms in Austria.

That would be awesome.  I would love to have Wolle do the Rat Race and if he doesn’t come to us at Mt Hood maybe we will have to come to him.

Check out the Rat Race video here….

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