by The Good Life on July 23, 2012

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Gigi is probably one of the few living legends in Snowboarding having his own creative take on snowboarding throughout his career.  When you look at all the best riders, its always those with their own creative take who seem to be most widely regarded and respected.

S0 here is a piece the guys at Spatziba did on Gigi a while back in the lead up to his boot launch but I never got round to putting it up here.  He talks about some of his epic video parts, a heavy slam, and being Gigi.

 This is from the actual boot launch which me and Eli put on in Innsbruck by X double.  Pretty fun to work with Eli on pulling this off, everything from ordering a football pitch, getting permits, the whole thing was a great few weeks work.  Thanks Eli.  Stoked on how this event turned out.

Nico is in there wearing some serious neck/headwear.  I guess he can pull it off.  Anyways, found this picture of him from the day we shot Gigis new boots, thought it worth a post.

 And if you wanna know why Gigi is so respected.  This is his video part from 12 years ago.  Bow down.

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