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by The Good Life on July 2, 2012

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Over the weekend, we heard the tragic news of passing away of Nelson Pratt.  There is no easy was to deal with these things, I think all that we can do, is share our deepest symptathies with his family, for one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.

With Nelson, he was one of those people, who everyone has their own stories about, and so its a good time to share them.

I first met Nelson in Tignes way back around 2001 or so.  Nelson was an extremely talented snowboarder, a very hard worker, and an amazingly humble, polite person, and so he was always a bit of an idol because of those elements.  Over the next couple of summers, we all hung out more and more, with a good crew of people in Tignes, and made some videos including Splish Splash Splosh, which I’m sure Mark Ruperelia will pull out at some point.

I suppose the story which sticks out the most, was of his trusty Land Rover, and the road trip we all did to Deux Alpes one summer.  There was a few of us packed in there, and sat in the back of the Landie, we stopped off in Bourg St Maurice for some supplies of Red Wine, Cheap french beer and a 5 litre jar of Gerkins.  He loved them, so we made our way to Deux Alpes, and there was an issue with the exhaust of the Landie, well the issue was, it was in the back with us, it had fallen off recently, and so we were sat right above where it should be coming out, so the rear of it was heating up, so much so every few minutes you would have to switch positions, and get a break from the heat.

By the time we arrived in Deux Alpes, we piled out the back, with a months worth of gerkins consumed, and burnt backsides, with some beers ready to go.

It was always just these amazing adventures, and stories you would hear from Nelson, that always made you smile.

His snowboarding, was unbelievable, and so often you would hear rumours about his latest tricks and stuff.  I remember even the first summer we met him, it was raining up in Tignes on the glacier, and so me, Mark, Josh were sitting under a table to keep out of the rain, and looking out we could see a lone ranger lapping still, Nelson doing switch backside rodeos, whilst the rest of us were shivering away.

Nelson, more than anything was just a wonderful humble, down to earth person, who always had time for everyone and only good things to say about people.

He will be truely missed, your gone too soon.  Rest in Peace Nelly.

I found another amazing story from Whitelines which you can see on here.



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