Radshot Snowboard Photography

by The Good Life on July 17, 2012

in Snowboarding, The Good Stuff

Eric Jackson taken by Cole Barash

So good friend, hardworker and the man who has seen Whitelines going from strength to strength over the last few seasons, Ed Blomfield, has opened up another avenue for those of you who want to get your daily fix of snowboarding on his new site RadShot.  It features some amazing work from the most talented photographers in the business, including Frode Sandbech, Adam Moran, Cyril Müller, Howzee, Aaron Dodds, Gabe L’Heureux, Scott Serfas and Cole Barash.  Somehow my lens work hasnt made the page so far, but there is still hope.


Take a look at the site at http://radshot.com/ and keep updated on the facebook site here http://www.facebook.com/RadShotPics

Below are all the guys instagrams, so you can keep up to date with all of them on their travels.  Frode is a monster on the gram.

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