The Barcelona(Swansea) Way

by The Good Life on July 23, 2012

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So being Monday Morning, after an amazing weekend of sport with the Tour De France, and Bradley Wiggins triumph followed by the Open Golf, where Ernie Els came back to win with Aussie Adam Scott throwing it away, it reminded us, why we all love sport.

So with there being a break in football for one week a year, I thought I should fill that void with a couple of interesting videos, highlighting the way football should be played.

This first video, is pretty amazing as it shows from above exactly how effective Barcelona play football on the defensive side of things, which is something most people probably dont even realise they do so well.

The six second rule, as soon as they loose the ball, they have 6 seconds to win the ball back, so it doesnt matter if your a striker, winger, midfielder, for 6 seconds, you basically turn into a jack russel and do everything you can to win the ball back.  It resembles a school yard where people follow the ball, and normally it works, yet if they dont win the ball, they fall back into position, behind the ball, and defend as normal.  It means the opposition are always pressured into making mistakes, and loosing the ball.

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This video is more about how they go forward using the now patented “swansea triangle”.  By always creating space and looking for a pass, Barcelona are the masters of keeping the ball.

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Then, finally, a quick video on Swanseas home town hero, Joe Allen.  Now it seems anytime I blog about Swansea be it Brendan Rodgers, Gylfi Sigurdsson, a couple of days later they leave, so I hope the same doesnt happen now, as Liverpool seem to be sniffing their scouse noses around our midfield general.

To the rest of the premier league, he is a player who has come through our ranks, from the local area.  More of you should do the same to bring through local talent.  If he was to leave, I just hope its not to liverpool as he would be exactly the player that Man Utd need to regain some shred of dignity in their battle to win the premier league again.  Wouldnt mind him going to Arsenal alongside Aaron Ramsey aswell, so they could form a partnership for the good of welsh football.  Anyways Joe Allen is staying, youjackbastard.

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Oh yeah, and the Swans have been busy preseason.  Watch out for this guy this season.  15 goals from midfield last season in Spain.  For 2 million.  Dont worry about us in Swansea, we will just keep playing the Swansea way, and staying out of debt.

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