The Royal Bredding

by The Good Life on July 4, 2012

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This Weekend up in Tallin, Estonia Oliver Plumley got married to his beautiful bride Ursula Värv.  If you’ve not been to Estonia before, its a beautiful place, and so a great place for a wedding.  I thought I should take a good few pictures, since when Ryan Evans got married people liked that, so here we go.  Plumley looked a bit like he had won big on the horses here as he walked out the church.

In the words of Jeremy Sladen “someone has decided they want to share their life with Plumley, I’d have thought he feels like all his Christmas’s have come at once.But congratulations to you both via Weavers facebook.”

The cake with a serious piece of decoration on top.

Plumley did a fine job of his speech, and of course he started with the obligatory hand rubbing.

Tom was the best man and gave a great speech, only two bits of blue for the dads.  Adam Ben Raba won the sweepstake, with it coming in at around 5 minutes.

Here is the first dance, just before everyone jumped in and got it moving.  Bets were being taken on whether Breastick would put his back out on the first dance.

Anita and her date for the weekend, the artist former known as Peter West.  Apparently, he said “I need a 3cm cut” and the barber thought that he said a grade 3.  I hope the office this week wasnt too hard on you.

Plumley and Evo outside the reception.

They look like a young del boy and rodney.  They would sell you the suits their in if Plumley didnt have to keep his suit.

Mark Ruperelia, always causes a stir at a wedding in the klit.  And after a couple of sips on the whisky he doesnt mind showing whats underneath it.  Such a legend, and is a pleasure to have known him so long.  This week he was going through footage of us 12 years ago.  Thanks for all the amazing times.

The Greenshields machine was in the house too, keeping everyone entertained, and enjoyed the Labatory, more of that later.  This is the dream team.  Chatt, Westy, Plumley, Evo.  We had the pleasure of flying Ryanair, which might aswell be renamed stag doo airways.

Mr North was here aswell, showing me up with his photography skills, and enjoying a few drinks a long the way.

Evo, looking dapper as always, James Bryant and Adam Ben Rabba spending the winnings of the sweepstake on the speech.

A nice little portrait of Tom, Sylvia, Emily, Anita and again, that man from before stole into the picture.

A little late night brother and sister story getting told.

Our aisle resembled an all signing all dancing instagram papparazi at one point.  Right here though, everyone was just happy we had made it to the Church on time.

This is the view from the top of the church, I walked up it before the wedding, actually I was there like an hour early so went to two weddings, and had time for this in between.

Northie got these nuggets of us.  Rupo doing the swig about, his classic.   Not sure of the laws of drinking in Church, but with Rupo next to you, it must be allowed.

Two things here.  I dont do cigars that well, and Evo, well yeah he doesnt do beer instead some pink lady drink.

Thats a haircut right there.  Thank you Greg Martin.

Tom came up with some cigars from the big DR.  Well done squire.

As well as seeing the sights of Tallinn and the wedding, we also went out for a bit and both nights it ended up in this place.

Gary and Greg had decided on 100 shots a night in that spot.  Good times rights there.

Congrats to the beautiful couple, very happy for you both, and thank you for inviting us all.  It was amazing to see so many good friends and really realize how amazing it is, to have such fantastic people all around us.  Thank you All.

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