Transworld Team Shootout

by The Good Life on July 25, 2012

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So the Videos for Transworld Team Challenge just dropped and we at Nike have ours on there alongside some amazing videos from Burton Oakley and Special Blend.

You get 10 days, anywhere to film, so a step from years gone by where crew would just build a single park you could do anything so props to the crews for trying something new.  Burton went backcountry, Oakley went back to the future, and Blend blew some stuff up.

We went on a roadtrip around Austria pretty much, and in what was some of the rainiest weather i ever saw we made it happen.   We hit up some park, some street spots, some backcountry, some house jumps, some roadgaps, everything really…

For some reason, I managed to delete all the behind the scenes shots I have, so just have these left……. Peetu sending himself skywards….

We had the flugtagcopter in the house aswell for a day to bring some added chaos to the situation.

We had Peetu, Gjermund, Lago, Sage and Jamie along for the trip, with Frode shooting Joe Carlino making the video go down, and Tom West in there as shaper/scout/driver/1 handed bandit.  It was an amazing trip despite the challenging conditions, i think we did pretty good in general.  We already got the most votes on the front cover, with Sage ruling it there, alongside Frode who was getting all reflective on this one.

Check out the videos here and vote for Nike….

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