Up La Foret

So early this week, in the early mornings we had some great waves, good weather and no one out in a good little spot near here. We found this bloke on the beach though. These two were in search of waves, and trying to avoid the naked chaps sunbathing on the beach. Someone showing howRead more


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKTamH__xuQ[/youtube] Goosebumps never lie. TweetRead more

Find your Greatness

I have read a lot of self improvement books through the years, and other such stuff, and one of the main things it always reinforces to you is just that whatever you want to do, have a goal, and then take the first step on the path to achieving it.  I found these commercials whichRead more

On Deck

Snowboardermag in the states just dropped this edit with Ethan Morgan running alongside his on deck in the magazine.  The back 5 off the heels is where its all going on… [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/47898081[/vimeo] This is the action shot they ran with it.  One of Freddie K’s “megabooters” in arlberg somewhere.  “and today we build for twoRead more


I have just been going trawling the internet, and after catching up with someone who worked on the Olympics, Italian legend, Giacomo Margutti, i thought these adverts specifically around the Olympics deserved a quick bit of sunshine.  These are all pretty amazing pieces of work, with different directors, different stories, but everything seems to beRead more

Football Season 2012-13

The Football season is nearly upon us and as with last year I thought, I should drop some more predictions, and maybe even a little analysis of the upcoming season. Last season was without doubt one of the most entertaining in years with Man City winning the League in the last seconds of the season,Read more

Hossegor – La Graviere

Angry Swell right there. So this morning I took a coffee out to check the surf and the camera and ended up down in Hossegor and watched it go off.  There was a serious crew of paparazzi down there watching it all go off. I managed to get this shot of Willy Aliotti, getting itRead more

Fantasy Football 2012

So thankfully the football season is back upon us this weekend, and so its time to get picking your fantasy league team. To Join, you go to http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ and then when your in there, go on join a private league and the code you need is 638849-162616 Make sure to join by friday as once you lost groundRead more

Chile 3

  So the 2nd day on the hill in Chile we were lucky enough to have some heli time from Valle Nevado which we drove up to, on a road which has got about 60 odd turns including 42 switchbacks.  How they build some of these roads is beyond me at times as its literallyRead more

Chile 2.0

So along now is the second update from Chile, we are back in the land of fast internet so pictures are uploadable now.  So this is the view from the roof of the Pool.  Pretty epic spot up there with a little bar and a heli pad next to it. Day 1 Danny was inRead more

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