by The Good Life on August 21, 2012

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I have just been going trawling the internet, and after catching up with someone who worked on the Olympics, Italian legend, Giacomo Margutti, i thought these adverts specifically around the Olympics deserved a quick bit of sunshine.  These are all pretty amazing pieces of work, with different directors, different stories, but everything seems to be linked by personal insights and stories.
YouTube Preview Image
This one, well, its all about Mums, and yes they are the real superstars…
YouTube Preview Image
This one has the man himself Jay Z and repping Budweiser.
YouTube Preview Image
Babies.  Lots of them around these days.
YouTube Preview Image
Of course this is the Nike Voices Campaign.  About women in Sport, and seriously that campaign is one of the best ever….
Oh and they are all made by the same company.  Funny how good they are, yet you never even hear about the people behind it.  Good work

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