Chile 2.0

by The Good Life on August 9, 2012

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So along now is the second update from Chile, we are back in the land of fast internet so pictures are uploadable now.  So this is the view from the roof of the Pool.  Pretty epic spot up there with a little bar and a heli pad next to it.

Day 1 Danny was in there making use of the facilities.  I think I need to do a full on piece just with Danny at some point, he is one of the most iconic riders out there, and has always given snowboarding his own slant throughout his lift.  Good dude.  He has a couple olympic medals tucked away already, 5 US Open Titles and on this trip sent himself into the baackcountry with the crew.  Couldnt be a much better crew for him to shred with.  He probably scored line of the trip aswell on the heli day.

Funny because judging by the snow above you would think it was all time, and, well in that spot it definitely was, but it was a 2 hour drive up from Santiago, then like a 2 mile walk up the road as there had been an avalanche/rock slide over the access road.  So Danny somehow scored the ATV, while Carlino, me and Andy sweated it out trying to earn some fuelpoints.  He came back for us though, and on the way down, in the dark, we managed to get 6 people plus bags on this thing…

This is Andy Wright, another amazing photographer who I have been lucky enough to stand behind and steal angles from.  He is kind of a big deal on instagram allegedly so keep an eye out.

This is Manuel Diaz one of the local Nike riders down here who showed us the spots.  Crazy we rolled up to this first place, and within a minute he was flying off rollers and landing everything.  Strong as a bull.

This is where the devil lives apparently.

After being on this trip, it made me rewatch Travis’ movie, and the part at 1.09 kind of shows the intro to the Chile and Patagonia trips.  Definitely have a lot of respect for what they set out to do on this whole movie after seeing some of these areas first hand myself.

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