by The Good Life on August 9, 2012

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So sometimes through your life you end up in places or trips, where you pretty much need to pinch yourself, and this trip is definitely one of those.  I know some people who think this blog is just me saying about how nice life is, but to be honest, if you get these opportunities and you dont document it, then your missing out, and honestly I do feel blessed everyday on trips like these.

This is the first update of a few just because of how beautiful and amazing Chile is, so I thought it deserved a good few pictures to go with it.  Below Nicolas and Gigi going at it….

We have pretty much a dreamteam crew down here launching Nike Snowboarding in Chile and South America, with Gigi, Nico, Danny Kass and lensemen Joe Carlino and Andy Wright.  So its been a ton of amazing snowboarding, a good few piscosours and even a few gram hammers from Carlino and the crew.

Three ages of capturing footage.  Danny going back to the roots.

If you ever have watched Nicos video parts you will know what an amazing snowboarder he is, but damn, seeing it first hand, is something where you can honestly just take it all in and feel lucky to watch one of the greatest snowboarders ever ply their trade.  His ability to just see a face for a couple minutes and then drop in, and put down a line with proper tricks in the middle and the obligatory method, is just amazing.

We ended up sledding up in a region 2 hours from Santiago for a day, which was amazing, we ended up at nearly 4000m so it was some heavy old hiking going on for the shot.

Below Gigi launching into his first line of the trip.  Mellow right.  Shifty, couple pow turns, front 3 of the boob on the left, into a couple more pow turns, all by 10am.  No worries.  Watch back a few of Gigis video parts and you will see why he is one of the most respected riders ever, just that ability to read terrain is something very few people have, but he knows whats up everytime…

More to come!

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