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by The Good Life on August 27, 2012

in Nike, The Good Stuff

I have read a lot of self improvement books through the years, and other such stuff, and one of the main things it always reinforces to you is just that whatever you want to do, have a goal, and then take the first step on the path to achieving it.  I found these commercials which were released to fall in line with the Olympics, and its an interesting take on making that first step.  So whatever your doing, or want to do, just take that first step, and the only way is up.  It turns out that this whole campaign was pulled together by Sara Phillips who I used to snowboard with back in the day, who is now an Art Director….  Amazing to see how far she has come, so good work.

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Incase your wondering this is actually a true story of a 12 year old who is 200 pound…

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This is another one….

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