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by The Good Life on August 17, 2012

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The Football season is nearly upon us and as with last year I thought, I should drop some more predictions, and maybe even a little analysis of the upcoming season.

Last season was without doubt one of the most entertaining in years with Man City winning the League in the last seconds of the season, and some of the best goals in previous years.  We were blessed with some fantastic football from Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and of course Swansea.

So lets start by a quick analysis on a few clubs to watch for, of course lets start with

Swansea City

Last season the mighty Swans had fantastic wins against Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool and of course Fulham with a 3-0 away win.  We were called by many round the world the Barcelona of the Premier League and played Arsenal at their own game out passing the best in the business.  It was a great season to be a Swansea fan especially thinking how far we have come in the last 10 years.  Obviously though, we have lost Brendan Rodgers who has headed off to Liverpool, and taken Joe Allen with him.  Now easy as it is to be spiteful towards the two of them, you have to admit, if someone offered you a 4 fold increase in wages, and the reigns at one of the leading European Clubs (only history wise) I must wish them both well.  Brendan has really settled us in the premier league, and helped us take that huge step from Championship nearly ran, to Premier League mid table.  We have also lost Siggurdson to Spurs who was a fantastic player and will be a huge asset to them.  Caulker aswell headed back to Spurs, and again will be missed.

However in their place with Michael Laudrap we have a big name, will he be able to recreate or even improve on last seasons exploits?  Well to be honest again, staying in the Premier League would be a great achievement, but it seems with some of the signings already he is keen on keeping up with last season.  Michu sounds to be a great signing as does the potential Pablo Hernandez, besides Chico and De Guzman who both sound like they are well up to the task.  With Leon Britton tying it all together, and players like Ashley Williams, Vorm and Danny Graham having a season of PL experience under their belt and in Grahams case he will be ready to hit the ground running this season.  It also seems that we are signing Kyle Bartley and if he can be anything like Steven Caulker last season, we will be fine defensively.

Just as I finish writing this it seems Sinclair wants to leave too, potentially for Man City.  Oh well, good luck to him, thanks for getting us in the premier league, no hard feelings but just be aware what happened to Pratley De Vries, Trundle and the rest of them.  Joe Allen will be a huge success at Liverpool as he will play every week but Sinclair at City?  I doubt it.

Where do I think we will finish? 12th

Other teams to watch for….

Well the Manchester Clubs look like they are way ahead of the rest at the moment still.  Although City haven’t really signed anyone apart from Jack Rodwell they still look too strong for many and will most probably edge it again this year.

Manchester United have just signed Robin Van Persie, and whilst Arsenal fans are up in arms, and Utd are all smiles, but Utd have paid 24m for a player with only 1 full season fit in the last few, and whilst he is no doubt a great player, Utd already have Rooney, Hernandez, Welbeck and Berbatov and so with RVP they have 5 forwards plus they signed Kagawa, however instead of all these riches, it seems they are still looking for some midfield strength, which is only emphasized by having Scholes and Giggs play for yet another year.  They would have done well to sign Joe Allen, but they wanted the trophy signing.  Will he win them the league of Champions League? I doubt it, as I say, you have to win midfield and the ball, before scoring.


They have a new manager, but having Caulker and Siggurdson, and if they can sign another striker they could do well, however Villas Boas remains to be seen how successful he will be, but with potentially losing Modric they might need to get some more strength in there.


Having tried to recreate the Swansea way up at Anfield by taking our manager, midfield, ex striker in the form of Fabio Borini, it seems they are still trying for Ashley Williams, to get the full welsh invasion up there, but it does seem that if the players listen to Rodgers Liverpool could challenge for top 4.  Whether Andy Carroll is part of his plans I doubt, but having him as a back up probably isn’t a bad plan.

Promoted teams

I would imagine that the teams coming up West Ham, Reading and Southampton will do well, as did the teams last season, and as with those teams, as long as they stick together, that’s the main thing.  With a lot of teams having new managers it always depends on how well the teams stick together.  You look at Norwich, West Brom, Spurs, even Swansea, if we all stand by our managers we will be fine, but if the managers dont get backed….. its a slippery slope….

Predictions for the League

1. Man City

2. Man Utd

3. Chelsea

4. Liverpool

5. Arsenal

6. Spurs

7. Sunderland

8. Newcastle

9. Stoke

10. Everton

11. Fulham

12. Swansea

13. Wigan

14.  Norwich

15. QPR

16. Reading


18. Aston Villa

19.West Ham

20. West Brom

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