Hossegor – La Graviere

by The Good Life on August 16, 2012

in France, Surfing, The Good Stuff

Angry Swell right there.

So this morning I took a coffee out to check the surf and the camera and ended up down in Hossegor and watched it go off.  There was a serious crew of paparazzi down there watching it all go off.

I managed to get this shot of Willy Aliotti, getting it done.  He was one of the only guys who actually made it out of any of the waves this morning.

And for every guy making it, there was a good few coming a cropper.

There was no shortage of people throwing themselves in the cave and over the ledge.  Resulting in a good few snapped boards out there…

This guy dropped in and lost it on take off….

Another guy just going for it, a good 8 foot drop to slam

This guy went in the wrong way up.  Thats his boardshorts, so yep, headfirst into a couple foot of water.

I guess this is the same guy, making it out again… Good work…

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