US Open 2012

by The Good Life on August 4, 2012

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So the US Open has been going down this week, and luckily I managed a trip there to catch up with the good folks of America, and catch some of the Californian Goodlife.  Above Dane Reynolds who doesnt seem to care there is a contest going on, just sending it skywards…

I have written a bunch about this event before but its a pretty epic sized surf event, with skate street and bowl going down, but thought a few more pictures always go well.

There is millions of people, literally through the week, over a million, and everyone is just in shorts or a bikini made to the exact specifications of the girls body.  Its insane.

Nike had a Nike+ workout in the street, for Fit people to get even more fit on Tv.

This was the street skate demo.  P Rod is the man, such nice pop, just killed it all day.

The Pier.  More People.

This is the Converse Coastal Carnage, an amazing bowl they build up for this….

Of course Kelly Slater brings a crowd.  Here he tries to sneak in the cave after his heat…

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