Ryder Cup

Go Europe! I guess Paddy Power have the best Commercial around right now for the Ryder Cup.  Help a yank to shank! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlWkn43UoGQ[/youtube] TweetRead more

Current State : Snowboarding

A few years back, when videos used to come out, one of the most eagerly awaited parts would be from David Benedek, from his days with Standard in TB10 with some stand out parts in there, to when he was involved in Robot Food with unreal video parts in each of their movies including theRead more

Aston Villa vs Swansea City

  So the football season has been underway for a few weeks now, and between the European games this week and the beloved domestic leagues around the world kicking off again we are underway.  Being a football supporter in the UK, has a few pretty good traditions.  Match of The Day, Football Focus, Sky onRead more

Jed In Full

I’m sure you have seen this, but if not…. #jedinfull Jed Anderson filmed all season long for this online piece of urban takedown…..  Insane, one of the best parts in Urban Snowboarding in a good while [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/49280249[/vimeo] TweetRead more

Vive La France

You probably know about Hossegor and its surfing, and maybe even the surfers here, but someone you should know about is the legend filming it, Jimmy Graham, Aussie an alround good bloke, if not a little creepy to the ladies at times. Watch this from a busy summer in France for him and the boys.Read more

Snowpark Technologies Golf Tournament

Every Summer, the guys at SPT get together in Tahoe along with many of the Snowboard industries leading lights including riders, brands, agents, magazines, and everyone in between.  This year there was an added element as the event was treated as a fundraiser for the fund Dramatic Brain Injury which Kevin Pearce hosted a talkRead more


So this edit just dropped my way featuring a good bunch of the crew with Halldor, Eiki, Stale and KB, all going at it.  Good work from Petter the brains behind this lot [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/49102596[/vimeo]   TweetRead more

Chez Minus

So a good friend of mine has a website called Lost in the Larder, Nick Baines, who I used to live with in a tiny cramped appartment, and he always had a penchant for food.  Be it a fry up in the morning, a late night kebab from the nightclub in Mayrhofen (yes in AustriaRead more