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by The Good Life on September 5, 2012

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So a good friend of mine has a website called Lost in the Larder, Nick Baines, who I used to live with in a tiny cramped appartment, and he always had a penchant for food.  Be it a fry up in the morning, a late night kebab from the nightclub in Mayrhofen (yes in Austria you have a Kebab shop in the club, dreamland right?), or enjoying when I cook him a little evening meal of a good curry or something.  So Nick, has always been a talented writer, and been an editor at Snowboard UK, and combined with this love of food, he has turned his love to his blog, which has really seen him go from strength to strength, which has meant he has been invited to restaurants, countries around the world to taste delights in different places and more.  He is a good bloke, and always down for a good chat over some food or a beer.  Make sure to follow his travels around the world as he goes….

So I thought, I would provide him with a little something, from my favorite restaurant down in France.  Now this place Chez Minus, down in Capbreton, is the place I always love to go as its simple and tasty.  Its funny as quite often if your going for like Chinese you then have to choose which dish you want, and the same for a Curry you then have to choose.  The best thing about Chez Minus is that it goes the other way.  Your stoked on fish, so you head there and they sell 3 things.




All cooked on the Plancha in an amazing spicy seasoning.

This is the Plancha going full pelt.  They must cook a good few hundred thousand mussels every night on here, and the chefs just knock em out all night long.  Its all served up in  big dishes, everyone dives in and gets messy as hell, and eats on paper plates.  Its a bit like the formula for the german beer halls.

Simple, effective and fun.  You sit on big tables from one end to the other end with huge groups rolling in.  The mussels are cooked in a spicy seasoning with salt, pepper, some curry powder, chilli, oil and some secret local spices, which make the Mussels taste amazing.

The Shrimps are much the same way, huge shrimps, which are so so tasty.  Love them.

Drink wise, its much the same, you either choose Beer, Wine or Sangria.  Soft drinks are available but to be honest after a good day in the sun, with some mussels, there is nothing better than a couple beers and some sangria.

Its always funny as some people find a limited selection of food as a reason not to visit a place, whereas I find that if there is a limited selection, its a bonus, as its all freshly cooked, quickly and with an amazing taste.

Make sure to keep up to date with Nicks blog Lost in The Larder right here, and hopefully he will get to find a way down to Chez Minus in Capbreton sometime soon.

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