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by The Good Life on September 27, 2012

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A few years back, when videos used to come out, one of the most eagerly awaited parts would be from David Benedek, from his days with Standard in TB10 with some stand out parts in there, to when he was involved in Robot Food with unreal video parts in each of their movies including the ender with all tricks regular then goofy.

From there David set off to make two movies under the title Blank Paper with In Short and the first film 91 words for Snow, which again had the whole of Snowboarding eagerly anticipating his take on the fim side of things.  Funny as once he released those films the number of people who followed suit was pretty huge.  So when word came out that David was working on a book, that was something I had to get.  So much so I even got my copy signed, and you know in volume 2 Hungerpain will be in there….

Its probably the cliched term “a coffee table book” however your going to need a book coffee table, since its two books folding out, in an amazing mass of thoughts, pictures, ideas and visions of Snowboarding.  Where its come from, where its going, and yes, where it is right now.  What does it mean for snowboarding to become more mainstream, what do people like Scotty Whitlake think about where we are, what do the younger generation of riders like Danny Davis think, and much more like that.  Any book with a picture like this is worth its salt.

The photography in the book is amazing having taken work from many of the best in the world.

It also asks snowboarding a lot of questions, about the influx of non traditional brands into the market place where core and mainstream becomes one.

Danny Davis, new face of a generation in Snowboarding?

Yes, it includes another Snowboarding legend aswell.  Read what Drew thinks on the whole thing.

To get your hands on a copy of the book, go check out and get your coffee table ready for the most attention its received in a hot minute.  There is only a few copies left, and so its definitely a part of Snowboarding history you want to have.


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