Snowpark Technologies Golf Tournament

by The Good Life on September 12, 2012

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Every Summer, the guys at SPT get together in Tahoe along with many of the Snowboard industries leading lights including riders, brands, agents, magazines, and everyone in between.  This year there was an added element as the event was treated as a fundraiser for the fund Dramatic Brain Injury which Kevin Pearce hosted a talk on along with one of the main doctors in this field.  Over 10,000 dollars was raised which is great news and a step in the right direction.

The golf in tahoe is pretty epic. The crew we had was even better though.  First day our 4 ball had the legend that is Bobby Meeks, Matt Ladley, Dave Driscoll and myself.  Just ahead there was the crew with Bryan Knox, Gabe L’Heureux and Mark Sollars.  Pretty good crew right there.

Its all blue sky and dreams up there.  Oh and bush in the rough where you can loose a good few million balls.


Driscoll getting things moving off the tee.

No Matt Ladley is a great snowboarder, one of the nicest dudes out there too.  However on day one it was apparent he and the beach have some affinity where they cant let go of each other.  Sandley just stuck in there again.

This was during Kevins speech, with his Dad present aswell.  He spoke openly about the injury, coming back from it, and when his dad was up speaking that was quite the tear jerker, and again affirms the fact that the snowboarding community is more like a family at times than an industry.  They were out playing Golf with Sal Masekela.  I had to grab his instagram here which is one of the best I have seen in a while…

Day Two we switched courses to Grays Crossing where I was paired up with Gabe L’Heureux, Burton filmer, photographer, TM, good dude, and great golfer, so I had some tips.  He also managed to bring some cheap Mexcian beer, some lime and I had a knife so Cart 14B could roll a little smoother.

In the other cart Bryan Knox was there.  He has some kind of god like pose going down here.

Being American, Knox found a gun pretty quickly to show his displeasure the blokes in front had stopped for burgers….

So thank you all for a great few days up there.  Good to see a lot of good people, talk shop, talk rubbish, and watch grown men loose their minds because of a small white ball.  Oh yeah there was a tournament.  First day started well, middle terrible, end slightly better.  Second day, should have stayed in bed until 11am, and then got better from there.

On the way out through Reno, being September 11th, I saw a flag at half mast, and being in Reno, of course it was there by a casino.

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