Heart Coffee Roasters, Portland

Back in the day, being one of the biggest fans of Forum there was, the forum 8 was without doubt the best team around.  JP, JJ, Dufficy, Malmi, Devun, BJ Leines, Peter Line and Wille Louma.  Wille was one of the first to leave, and make his own way, filming with Robot Food, and havingRead more

Leeds vs Sheff Wednesday

Now I know many fans have a hooligan element, ours included, but this is just stupid. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLmCJk_jCxM&feature=related[/youtube] and guess what.  Neil Warnock has an opinion.  This is why he is without doubt one of the worst managers in the game. Sorry to say, Leeds is a great club, and should be in the premier leagueRead more

A Weekend in Portland

We have been very lucky this weekend here in Portland, to have some well known visitors come by in the form of Mr and Mrs Plumley or the breadstick family as they have been known.  We just spent a pretty great weekend exploring Portland.  Plumley is always horsing around.  Turns out he is actually aRead more

Urban Outlaw

This film is pretty amazing, from the story, to how its shot, to the subject of it all, Magnus Walker and his collection of 911’s.  Take the time to watch this, as it is quite simply inspiring, especially as if your anything like most of the people reading this blog – making or trying toRead more

Autumn in Portland

Autumn is a funny time, its like if you think about Spring you know whats around the corner, a nice long summer hopefully, whereas we know that Autumn is followed by a long cold winter, so it shouldnt be such a fonldy remembered time, but there is something reassuring about starting to wear jackets andRead more

All 4 10s Ben.

Benny Westcher local snowboarding superpower in Zillertal just threw out his season part, which I am happy to see has Pow, kickers and the rail garden from Andi Pfister.  Benny was one of the first guys I ever saw doing all 10s, way back when, maybe like 7 years ago he could do it all,Read more

Portland in the Sun

So after two weeks here, I thought it was about time that I post a few pictures from Portlandia. So before coming here everyone was claiming about the rain, but so far we have had perfect sun everyday, and apparently its only rained once a since July… Portland has a lot of bridges here overRead more

Johnnie Paxson

Johnnie Paxson is a big bloke, and he charges at all times…. He’s also a model.  Whats not to love. This is the behind the scenes of one of his set ups this last season.  Look out for wine drinker expert Andy Wright showing his face too. [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/50725542[/vimeo] TweetRead more

Portland Timbers

Now, anyone who knows me or this blog, knows about my love of Football and the mighty Swansea City.  So with my shift in where i am living, i decided one of the first things to do, was go and see the local team, since i always say wherever you are, support your local team,Read more