A Weekend in Portland

by The Good Life on October 22, 2012

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We have been very lucky this weekend here in Portland, to have some well known visitors come by in the form of Mr and Mrs Plumley or the breadstick family as they have been known.  We just spent a pretty great weekend exploring Portland.  Plumley is always horsing around.  Turns out he is actually a unicorn.

Turns out Mississippi is one of the best shopping areas in Portland, with everything from vintage, to second hand, to fancy dress, and these outfits we found.  Plumleys eyewear deal must be up with Electric so he is checking the next route down that path.

Not much on the TV this week.

My deer Lady.  Get it.  Deer.

One shop even managed to sell off all of the worlds lost pencils from school kids bags through the last 30 years.

There was also a reclaimed furniture shop, which has an old piano in it, and it had a sign on the back whilst Ursula was tickling the ivories.

They had a load of amazing, unique stuff in each little shop.

There is one shop which is also a art gallery for the english girl who does the pictures of the pugs.

Of course shopping needs some serious refreshment, so we snuck in this little spot.

Where they served ice cream, in cookies, which becomes an ice cream, cookie bomb with just a few calories.

Being the weekend, it was also time to get out on the course, for a quick 9 hole with Londons finest.

It was actually sunny out there, despite it being October, and i thought it was supposed to rain every day for 8 months right about now, so we took full advantage.

Thankfully Plumleys dainty little feet are the same size of Miss Blume’s so he was carrying off this look all the way round.

This is one for my dad, since he is always keeping me up to date on planes, trains, boats and everything in between here in Portland.

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