Autumn in Portland

by The Good Life on October 15, 2012

in Portland

Autumn is a funny time, its like if you think about Spring you know whats around the corner, a nice long summer hopefully, whereas we know that Autumn is followed by a long cold winter, so it shouldnt be such a fonldy remembered time, but there is something reassuring about starting to wear jackets and beanies again.

Its amazing in Portland to see the switch from late summer to Autumn if not for the colour of the leaves along.

Its been a beautiful end of summer here and we had sun for nearly 3 weeks, but it caved in to the rain eventually, but in the end its always nice to see winter on its way.  Maybe thats just us as snowboarders, but I think everyone understands it.

Just before the sun went away though I saw some good days and took a few pictures to remind myself of how nice it is when the coud breaks.  This is up on 23rd street.

Another sign in Portland up in the north east.

Yes, another bridge.  They love a good bridge up here.


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