Heart Coffee Roasters, Portland

by The Good Life on October 24, 2012

in Portland

Back in the day, being one of the biggest fans of Forum there was, the forum 8 was without doubt the best team around.  JP, JJ, Dufficy, Malmi, Devun, BJ Leines, Peter Line and Wille Louma.  Wille was one of the first to leave, and make his own way, filming with Robot Food, and having some of the most amazing video parts ever.  He has since settled in Portland, and been making his own way again, this time with his own coffee shop, “Heart”

They have their own roasting process on the premises, so all the coffee is fresh as can be, and as it states on the package, the coffee has its best flavour, 4 days after roasting, so you know that here its going to be some of the best coffee you will ever find.

This is the machine, and this shows how it all works…

YouTube Preview Image

You can buy bags of the freshly roasted coffee here for your morning brew at home too.

Just a nice little Sunday…

This was some scone they had there, which looked amazing.

Go check it out when your in portland, its up on Burnside and 22nd, and is definitely a place you have to visit on your trip to Portland.

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