Dallas Cowboys!

by The Good Life on November 24, 2012

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Thats right!  After all the football chat for the last few years it was about time for me to meet the adversary to my beloved football in American Football, or NFL as the league is called.

Now I have seen NFL on TV before, but again the same with bastketball sometimes until you see a match its quite hard to understand.  Well NFL is kind of the same.  Once you see it you defiitely get a way better understanding for it.  Now at the Cowboys stadium this is one of the first things you should know.  It involves a) football b) drinking (again you can drink in your seat), and c) cheerleaders on a 60 metre wide screen.  Now I’m talking 80 foot high women here, with boobs the size of houses, so no wonder they have a captive audience.

We were lucky enough to meet the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, a very succesful businessman who has built his name and wealth through the insurance trade.  He was quite the man, with a passion for hardwork, football and success through out his life.  He bought the Cowboys when they were loosing 1 million dollars a month, and set about rebuilding the whole structure from income streams to actual stadium.  This stadium, holds around 100,000 people on match day and is “designed for tv” so it has places for cameras everywhere, and yes has the huge TV which gives you live feed of the game throughout.

This is the stadium from outside.  It has a roof which can be opened, and cost 1.2 billion dollars to make.  It has inside everything from what looked like Ford dealership, to victorias secret plus a good few thousand people running round selling beer and popcorn at every chance.  So this is one of the areas again which differs from UK sport.  In the UK, outside the stadium you have pubs and trailers selling food, in the states its all about “tailgating”  so this explains why americans all have big trucks!  You pull up your truck flip down the tailgate, BBQ, drink, and sit round before going to watch the game!  What more could you need?  Well yes the huge helmet on the car, and some people even brought a tent toilet.  So everyone sits round and then in the corner there is a tiny tent where you go and relieve yourself.

We were also lucky enough to go by the Nike Golf Campus in Texas.  Amazing, but turns out my blog is full with too many golf posts.

This was the view from my room at night.  Crazy number of lights on that thing, and in general it looks a bit like Roswell outside with some aliens dropping in.

Again for anyone who missed it.  Cheerleaders.

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