Thanksgiving USA

by The Good Life on November 24, 2012

in Friends, Portland

As I have mentioned before, Autumn in Austria was a season which kind of didn’t really hold much weight in my eyes, since the summers ran late, and then before you know it, there is snow on the ground and hey ho its winter.  Yet in the pacific northwest of America, it’s a whole time to enjoy.  Summer goes pretty long up here, and then it gets darker, colder, the rain starts and then you have Halloween, which blends quickly into Thanksgiving, and before you know it, Santa is banging down your door.

Leaves, rain, Autumn.  In that order.

Now I wont claim knowledge of what thanksgiving is about, although I have heard musings of it being based on the civil war, however I do know its the one holiday in the states that everyone observes regardless of religion which makes a lot of sense.

So being our first thanksgiving, we weren’t too sure of what it would include, but sure enough, its like a Christmas warm up.  All day cooking, all afternoon drinking, followed by some classic movies, followed by some drinking of a warm alcohol followed by an early night.  Whats not to love.

Dinner was epic, with turkey, brussels sprouts, some stuffing with sage, thyme, sausage, bread and anything else not bolted down

We were lucky enough to be invited in by some very friendly American/English folks who know all about this holiday, headed up by this little lady who was head of the table.  Feet up and no worries.

Meanwhile outside it continued Raining.

I also found out that cats love elephant grass.  Good to know incase I get caught in the jungle anytime soon.



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