Gun Use

So having recently moved to the US, in the wake of shootings during the premier of the Dark Knight Rises, at the Sandy School and now on Christmas Eve a group of firemen have been gunned down attending a blaze, just doing their job, I thought it about time to write something about it.  Damn,Read more

Dew Tour 2012

So despite the fact that nowadays people only seem to look at pictures on instagram, i thought I would keep flying the flag for blogs around the world with a  few pictures from the annual American Contest season kick off.  Above the man Lago sending it deep for the crowd in Breckenridge.  The Pipe wasRead more

Gerome Matthieu

He is one of the best dudes around, this is his season edit, and as you can see, he gets his fair share of pow. Good work soldier! [vimeo][/vimeo] TweetRead more

Merry Christmas

I just got this fantastic piece of artwork from Jono Wood, the man himself who you can check out at make sure to check out his work….. He has a whole range of the new Capita line from his own work, and thought this piece is quite the Christmas piece. Merry Christmas!     TweetRead more

Jamie Nicholls Full Part

The man, the myth, the English Legend, Mr Jamie Nicholls just got this edit out…Banger! [vimeo][/vimeo] Good work soldier! TweetRead more

The Evolution of the Premier League

Well yes.  Its been called that before and it will be called that again at some point, but really this weekend, it did once again fulfill this tagline. I know I used this shot already, but seriously this is one of the greatest shots I have seen in football.  Just the emotion on the fansRead more

Sunday Running

There is something pretty nice about a fresh Autumn morning getting all layered up, and heading out for a run.  In the new overpriced and undersized place where I live, one of the good things is that there is access to Mackay Park which leads to Audubon Soceity of Portland which on the way outRead more