Dew Tour 2012

by The Good Life on December 28, 2012

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So despite the fact that nowadays people only seem to look at pictures on instagram, i thought I would keep flying the flag for blogs around the world with a  few pictures from the annual American Contest season kick off.  Above the man Lago sending it deep for the crowd in Breckenridge.  The Pipe was riding well, people flying, and despite NBCs best efforts to make conditions as fantastically average as possible by holding events in crappy light between day and night, the riders still charged.


Luckily womens slope was held in decent conditions, and luckily for us Spencer O’Brien once again gave it her best to keep us all in PG Tips for another year.  Serious respect to her, Jamie and Enni for the consistency time and again in the slope.  For the mens Slope, it showed what a nightmare it is running an event which is dictated to by a network.  So on the one hand its great because you have live mainstream TV coverage, however on the flip side, you have the worlds best riders, not making jumps because of the wind, and speed issues, and frankly it just made it dangerous all round.  In the skiing, if you made the final jump i guess you finished top 5.  It meant injuries and putting the athletes well being at risk.IMG_8330

Vito was up and around landing a 2nd place in the pipe, and was close to getting higher on that podium.  Especially since Shaun White fell on one of his semis runs, and butt checked on the other.  Still got a 95 somehow.  Makes you wonder if Contest snowboarding is actually about the snowboarding, or whether its just a rating war, and in order to get a better viewership, the network want Shaun White on the podium.  Fair play he was riding amazing throughout, but you butt check in a run and your name is Jonny Shred, your getting a 65 maximum.  Your Shaun White and you get a 95.  Kind of makes a joke of it for all the kids who spend years dedicating themselves to contest snowboarding, only for it to be thrown back in their faces.IMG_8314

The man child was in Big Air throwing his back 10 double Japan, and causing me and Sani some serious sticker issues due to his new top sheet.  Its funny because he finished 2nd in the Big Air, but originally he wasn’t actually invited.  Now another drawback of the dew tour, was the fact that it was an invite only event, so a few examples of lapses on their side where Sage not being invited to Big Air despite having two X Games Big Air Medals.  Mason Aguirre finished 5th overall last year on the Dew Tour, and wasn’t invited this year, again, a pretty tough call, especially when they invite people who have officially retired from competitive snowboarding.  Then Possum Tor also didn’t get an invite despite winning a stop in the past two years, and being 4th overall last year, still didn’t get an invite.

Anyways thats my rant over.  Just sometimes you wonder, if competitive snowboarding is worth it for the amount you have to put in for it not to be a fair playing field.  And people still feel “independent snowboarding” should still be the qualification system for the Olympics.

Greg Bretz was riding really good all week too, and put down one of the best runs of his life, but didn’t manage to get it down in semis.

In the evening, there was a Street Session with dumpsters, trash cans, cars and all kinds of stuff going down.  Jamie Nicholls got robbed, should have won 5 grand, but anyways, 2 grand isn’t too bad.  Super nice back tail right here.IMG_8173

Kevin Backstrom somehow started doing switch front flips out of the dumpsters.  Anything for the crowd for KB.IMG_8186


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