Gun Use

by The Good Life on December 30, 2012

in America

So having recently moved to the US, in the wake of shootings during the premier of the Dark Knight Rises, at the Sandy School and now on Christmas Eve a group of firemen have been gunned down attending a blaze, just doing their job, I thought it about time to write something about it.  Damn, there was even a shooting at the mall near us in Portland.

Coming from a country where violent crime with the use of fire arms is fairly low, I am proud of the fact that our police dont carry guns as the norm.  People from other countries find it strange to see a policeman carry a truncheon, I mean of course fire arms unit can be called, to deal with situations where needed, but its not the norm.


As below, if your causing some trouble, you might get a whack round the knees but it takes a while before this lot come out.



Now the video below of Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt shows the extent to which some people in the US are deranged, and believing that carrying guns is the way to stop gun violence.  Its no wonder there is so much violence in the US with people like this in charge of pro gun associations.  Have a watch….

YouTube Preview Image

So it turns out now, that 33,000 americans have taken steps to deport Piers Morgan from the US, due to him “undermining the bill of rights”.  Any petition over 25,000 signatures require government action.  Barmy.

So USA, please take action, start controlling the use of guns better, and stop anymore massacres as we have seen.  Knowing that pro gun groups provide funding to political parties, I doubt it, but we can always hope.

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