Sunday Running

by The Good Life on December 3, 2012

in Golf, Portland, The Good Stuff

There is something pretty nice about a fresh Autumn morning getting all layered up, and heading out for a run.  In the new overpriced and undersized place where I live, one of the good things is that there is access to Mackay Park which leads to Audubon Soceity of Portland which on the way out takes you through Adams Park.

A lot of friends have said about how you can find these little zones just 5 or 10 minutes walk from downtown, and its pretty impressive seeing some of the trees, rivers and wildlife running about here.

They could just come here to film Game of Thrones next time.

Portland does a fine line in lakes with its amount of rail which drops daily.

Ah the trusty bridge.  Not sure what Portland did before the Bridge, probably there was no portland until people figured out how to walk across Water.  Michu would have been fine as he can run across water and knock two goals past Arsenal no worries.

I managed some golf this weekend too.  This is how wet it is here on the course.  Thats from a drive.  It goes in like a bomb.  When you get home, you get in the shower with your shoes and outfit on as its so muddy.  Might keep to the range for a bit.

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