The Swansea Story

So over the holidays, I was back in the UK, and managed to go to a good few games including Reading away, Fulham away, and Man Utd home.  Being able to watch the team you love play Premier League football, is amazing for any fan, but when you have come from where Swansea have, itRead more

Tiki Taka

So some people probably wonder what the Barcelona way is all about, and now the Swansea way.  Well this illustrates it well. [youtube][/youtube] Interesting TweetRead more

Grand Prix

One of the chinese rippers going for it in the Pipe. So I thought it about time to write a few words about the Copper Mountain Grand Prix last week in colorado.  Being one of the first events which counted towards getting into the Olympics, there was a lot of riders who normally wouldn’t ventureRead more

Rory is on Nike

[youtube][/youtube] Looks like Nike have been making some power moves getting Rory onto the team. Thought I should find one of the original Tiger commercials…. [youtube][/youtube] Also staying with Golf I managed to find this one of Tiger which they put out after his indiscretions.  Pretty amazing piece to show that they still supported himRead more