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by The Good Life on January 21, 2013

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One of the chinese rippers going for it in the Pipe.

So I thought it about time to write a few words about the Copper Mountain Grand Prix last week in colorado.  Being one of the first events which counted towards getting into the Olympics, there was a lot of riders who normally wouldn’t venture to a FIS event, but as with all things in snowboarding people will follow when the Olympics comes up.

So how was it I here you ask?

Well, in a word, cold.  It was minus 16 which in European money is something like minus 25.  So any exposed skin was freezing straight up.  This guy probably just snapped his beard off once he was done on hill.


The riding itself was pretty high standard as is par for the course in these situations.  Scotty Lago was charging as always, with these front 10 truck drivers.IMG_8537

Louie Vito was there and dependable as ever, snagging a 3rd place for his hard work in the cold.  Won a guitar I think…


I was also in town for the Zumiez 100k, which is the craziest event I have ever been to, with insane numbers of people turning up to show appreciation to the hard working sales teams.  Its so good to see a company celebrating their front line employees.  More companies could learn from them.  We had Sage, Danny, Paxson, Austin Smith, Laura Hadar and Jed Anderson on the snowboard front with Ishod and Koston in there for the skaters.

Two legends.

This was the prize giving for the people who sold the most.  The guy who sold most, sold 775k worth of product in a year.  He got given his prizes by a mixture of deadmaus, Pharrel Williams, Iron Man, War Machine (i think he is called) and my own personal favorite R2D2.  Mini Me was also there, who is actually tiny.


This is one of the things the guy in second place won!  Not bad….4photo

What else did I see?  Well people like it when I post pictures of Silje, so here is the obligatory shot.5photo

Jed Anderson was there, and is good at snowboarding, so good, its insane.  So so good.

I had the pleasure of driving back following Burton TM to the stars Kevin Keller, who likes guns, and all things powerful.  So much so he drove his car into a snowbank, and came out the other side with a new accessory for his car, a bright orange traffic cone, which was lodged for 5 miles under his car, until we had to do some surgery to the car.


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