It took a while but here is the Moscow update… \ On the way back from Sochi, we decided to make a slightly longer than usual Layover in Moscow and spend 24 hours checking out the city. Its funny, in the last post, you saw all my pictures of Sochi looking all warm, sunny andRead more


This is the mountain part of where the events will be held.  Looks like Innsbruck.  Rumour has it he was skiing in Austria when he decided he wanted Russia to hold a winter Olympics.  Coincidence? So where to begin.  Last week I was lucky enough to visit Sochi, a year out from the olympics, toRead more


The New Nike Driver. [youtube][/youtube] TweetRead more

Keystone the Movie

[vimeo][/vimeo] Halldor and Johannes put out this little gem….  Good stuff…. TweetRead more

Surfer Girl

Now I haven’t posted about Surfing in a while, so this was the first video I found.  Enjoy. [youtube][/youtube] Keeps Summer worth looking forward to right? TweetRead more