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It took a while but here is the Moscow update…


On the way back from Sochi, we decided to make a slightly longer than usual Layover in Moscow and spend 24 hours checking out the city.


Its funny, in the last post, you saw all my pictures of Sochi looking all warm, sunny and a bit like a southern european resort, and not really Russian.  Moscow on the other hand, is quite simply where its at.  Its so awe inspiring when you cruise around, everything from churches to Red Square is instagram gold.


This is on Red Square, pretty damn impressive.  Whilst we were there, they had the most snow in 100 years, but it promptly rained, and everything froze up.  Every concrete surface became like an ice rink, which made getting about pretty interesting.


Even our hotel was worth a picture…


This was the entrance to Gorki park, which is an area with the most amazing ice rink ever.  Its like ice rink, but with almost like a cross country ski track for ice skaters.


Burton also has built a pretty insane jib park in Gorki park.  FairPlay to them, its epic.  Free to use, and kids are mobbing this place.


The ‘chill out’ zone, its chilly as hell here in Moscow.


What you can’t see here is this girl is trying to get in this car which already has 5 people in it, and she’s trying to squeeze herself and her set up in there..
Meanwhile across town, there is actually a pretty sweet little hill with a chair lift.  There are so many people out and snowboarding in Moscow, its great to see that what Sochi lacked, Moscow has tons of.


Gotta get yourself the russian hat whilst your here.


This is the state University.  Looks a little different to where i studied.


I was pretty happy I invested in there batboys for the ice, mud, snow, rain.  Warm and comfy and like romper stomper boots.


The funny thing when you see these insane ornate buildings is that they were built by hand, hundreds of years ago, and the amount of wars they have gone through, and are still standing.

Thank you Moscow!  Looking forward to coming back next year!

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