Mt Hood Snake and Hammers

by The Good Life on March 31, 2013

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Yesterday was the Mt Hood stop of the Snake and Hammers event which Bobby Meeks has been masterminding.  The event is an amazing idea as it combines the best elements of a banked slalom, with a slopestyle, so you see kids who normally might be just mellow cruising around the mountain charging down the hill hitting everything at mach 10.


Johnnie Paxson, giving it a once over.


The good thing about this is that kids who learnt to snowboard on a trampoline need not apply.  You need to have great board control, technical ability and know how to use your edges properly, no skidding or scrubbing speed this is using your board for all its worth.  Guess a few people realized the beauty of regular camber again.  This above is the lookout from the drop in, like a 8 foot drop into 3 berms, followed by 3 rails a jump a big box, a step down and then 3 gates on the steepest face in Hood, meaning it got slushy, rutted and people were washing out all over the place.


There was over 70 riders, and was a throwback to when snowboard contests were more of a gathering of friends wanting to ride together and have a good day, instead of the made for TV spinfest that we are fed on TV these days.  More events like these will be great for snowboarding in future as it will teach kids to be able to ride besides hucking tricks and spinning on boxes.  There was a bunch of amazing riders, who were managing to throw 7s in the middle of high speed runs and land perfect into the next berm and ride on for a good time.  It was also amazing as there was riders of all ages, not just 16 year old national team heroes but dudes who just like to turn their boards.


Mt Hood in spring is pretty amazing, the air is so nice up there, and has a definite appeal for a days riding.  Cant wait to get up there for a few more spring laps in the sun.


On the way back down we stopped at The Resort at the Mountain just near Welches which has a great 27 hole course made up of 3 – 9 hole courses.  Really good after a days riding on the hill!IMG_3206

Not sure if the altitude made my shots slice into the next fairway each time, but well, you can but try,IMG_3208

Have a good easter.

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