We Ride – The Story of Snowboarding

by The Good Life on March 28, 2013

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This movie, full length, free to watch, is easily the greatest piece i have ever seen on the history of snowboarding.  Maybe it just speaks to me in a certain way, but this is really a special piece, and anyone who says free content is killing creativity, needs to watch this.

The folks at Burn put this together, with one of my good friends Orlando Eisendal, who was one of the people I enjoyed most riding with, he was one of the best, and probably can still through a rodeo and backside 5 better than most.  I haven’t seen Orlando in a couple of years, but to know that he is doing great work like this, and a lot of other insane projects over at Grain Media, I am very proud of him.

There are a few quotes which I think just sum up snowboarding beautifully, and they are all captured perfectly.

Brad Stewart – “Snowboarding will change your life if you let it.”  – Now anyone who has ‘become’ a snowboarder if you will, knows what this means.  Committing yourself to a passion is one of those things that will take your time, it will take your money, it will rob you of time with loved ones, but it gives back in so many ways, as many snowboarders around the world know.  For me personally, I remember trying snowboarding at 17 and then instantly, i just knew that I wanted to be a snowboarder.  I remember just committing and saying I’m going to do a season, working hard to finish school, save up some money and then working any crappy job it took for me to be able to ride.

Mike Baisch – “People are always gonna snowboard for how it feels, the passion.  There is no good byes in Snowboarding, I have friends who I won’t have seen for a couple of years but I know they’re out there and I’ll see them when it gets cold”

I think this is very apt.  If you have friends through snowboarding you know that your down for each other.  It can be months, years, decades and you know that you still have a connection.  There is never that “you didn’t call me back last week”, its just a connection, which we all share, and understand.

Now, I ask you, to get a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and whether your a pro, a beginner, or even someone who has never snowboarded before, spend the next 90 minutes, on some amazingly well crafted, beautiful content.  You’ll want to watch this again and again.

There is one last quote which sums it all up.

Chuck Barfoot – “As long as I can eat and breathe, and get the chance to board with a couple of my friends, I’m good with it.   I hope to be riding powder when I’m 80, will you join me?”

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