Spring in Portland

by The Good Life on April 1, 2013

in America, Portland


Its funny as people always claim how bad the weather is here in Portland, but I suppose coming from the UK, a pretty volatile country in terms of weather, anything better than grey skies is a bonus.  Yes it rains here a bunch in winter, but well, the trees and grass and flowers need it, and if it doesn’t rain, we don’t get snow, so its fine by me.


This evening I took my camera out with the sun setting and aimed to capture a little of how nice a weekend its been here in the north west.

There must have been a dozen photographers shooting this same scene..

Meanwhile this scene has been well seen on instagram this weekend.


Its pretty damn beautiful though.


This is the docks and some flowers.  Some there isn’t more description than that.


Regular street, nice trees.



I thought this easter bunny could have done with some chocolate.


Thats the union station right there.  Pretty nice light all round…IMG_9810

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