Superpark 2013

by The Good Life on May 29, 2013

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Last month we all made the journey over to Bend, one of the nicest drives possible as you head out there in the sun.  Oregon had been blessed with some of the nicest weather of the year, day in day out, sun, so we set to it over there, with a solid crew in attendance.  Kevin Backstrom above throwing it up on the hip.


A few minutes later Kevin managed to put his knee into his chin, and rip himself a pretty tasty looking bit of a new chin.


Johnnie Paxson was making a welcome return to the snow with the crew.  If you haven’t seen Johnnie ride before, he is super powerful, strong, stylish and tweaks amazing for someone pretty much my size.  He also made us all feel bad with our shirts off whilst shaping away in the sun.

I tried getting arty for a minute there using some reflection, which was pretty good to try.  Thankfully Cyril had shown me the way forward.  Kevin Backstrom dropping a method right there..


The man himself Cyril Muller.


This was Kevins on hill ninja style…

Of course the english legend that is Jamie Nicholls was also there doing a fine line in hand plants.


Me and Jamie managed to play golf one evening too, and it was pretty dam n crazy weather.  Stormy, yet sunny, windy yet warm… made for a great game and one of the fastest 18 I ever played..


Must be said Kevin Backstrom knows how to do a method.  Nice and tweaked and way up there…


Talking of tweaked… We had Sani onhand throughout also for the off hand plant here and there….


Ethan Morgan was throwing around chuck flips too on our small little quarter pipe..


His Team Manager over at Bataleon was just keeping the budget tight throughout…  Good to see that legend.
The end of Superpark heralds the end of another season almost… Thanks for all the good times…photo-1

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