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This weekend, we packed up and headed for the beach.  Its funny being in Portland as you think of the beach at times as a whole world away, and in many ways it is, far from city life, but at only an hour and a half its such a good getaway for a couple of days.  IMG_0570

This is the view from the highway if you drive down from Cannon Beach to Manzanita the little town where we stayed.  Its really such a beautiful spot with huge cliffs, trees, mountains, plunging straight into the pacific ocean.  I didn’t manage to take many pictures of where we stayed, instead my days consisted of either the andre Agassi autobiography or getting this monster up and running for a meat feast on day 1 and a fish festival on evening 2, with crab, salmon and scallops all going on there.IMG_0577

This is the sunset, we saw on the second night, with very few clouds, so the sky had a very different look from the day before.


This was the view we saw the night before.  Its so beautiful down there its amazing.  IMG_0624

Manzanita, is such a great little laid back town by the sea, where you can go and forget about your troubles for a couple of days.  and Barbecue.IMG_0649

The two VIPs on our trip.


Saturday morning we managed to rise early enough to catch the Dew on the golf course in Manzanita for an entertaining but tricky 9 hole.  We were 2nd of the tee, getting freshies… summer freshies as it were.


The hole 5 is pretty interesting as it is a 280 yard par 4, set a good hundred foot up, so a decent player could drive the green.  True to form I scooped it a good hundred foot up further in the air, and only just making the fairway.


Senior Weaver has been hard at it on the courses of Oregon, enjoying his way around the greens here.  His trusty 4 iron has been getting some good action so far out here.


On sunday morning I ran on the beach much to my achiles discomfort, but argued we did, and I won out, and made it a not so awe inspiring 6km, and on my return stumbled into these hounds going for it on the beach.  I’m sure they will be for sale on a postcard somewhere soon.

On the way back to the city we stopped and saw this steam train in Garibaldi.  We were trying to remember why its called that…. Any ideas?  Sounds like an Italian leader…. Giacomo?IMG_0753

We managed to find this amazing stretch of river from Tillamook, when you head up back towards Banks, which has amazing spots to swim in the river, which is so clean, refreshing and clear.

Even the Butterflies came out to say hello….IMG_0822

A great little weekend.

Thank You Oregon!

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