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by The Good Life on August 17, 2013

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Its like Christmas morning, its like your first kiss.  A season full on anticipation, full of hopes and dreams, and all the fun and journeys that we will have along the way.  It doesnt matter if you support Barcelona, Yeovil or my own beloved Swansea, the football is one thing but its the people you meet going to a game, the pre match banter, the ups with a few drinks after a game, or the downs (with probably another pint) after a bad game.

Now its been a busy Summer for most of the premier league teams, as i said in the last blog, and it ensures that this season will be pretty exciting.  New Managers, new players, 3 new teams in Palace, Cardiff and Hull and a whole new TV network in the US – NBC showing every game.

So as with last year, I thought I should do a prediction again of where I think the teams will finish this season… and this is what I came up with….

1. Chelsea – Mourinho should do well for them, and Lukaku should thrive.

2. Man Utd – The players can go on auto pilot and still play well.

3. Man City – New Manager, new players, could work but who knows.

4. Spurs – With or without Bale they are making top 4.

5. Arsenal – Sorry Wenger but the lack of new decent players will hurt them.

6. Liverpool – Suarez should leave I think and they can continue building but it wont be enough for top 4.

7. Swansea – Heres hoping.  To be honest staying up is fine with me, anything more is a bonus!

8. Norwich – They have got some great players with Redmond to make a kick on this season.

9. Everton – I wonder what they can do this season.  They should do well under Martinez but you never know.

10. Villa – They kept Benteke, and continue to sign young talented players, so once they play together they should get it toegther.  The question comes how long that will take for them.

11. Fulham – Have signed some decent players and rumours of Bent joining would be a interesting attack with Berbatov and Tarabat upfront.

12 . West Brom – A great season last year but have replaced Lukaku with Anelka… Not sure if that will do.

13. Newcastle – They could go ether way but last season looked ominuous.  Too many french players?

14. West Ham – Will Andy Carrol be enough to get the team up the league.  Between him and Downing they will hope so.

15. Cardiff – They have signed some great players and probably look the strongest of all promoted teams.

16. Palace – Purely for Dan Crichton I want them to stay up.

17. Sunderland – See you later folks.  That is unless Altidore can fire in 25 odd goals this year.

19. Stoke – Peace out.

20. Hull City – Danny Graham, what can he do here?

Anyways that was my predictions, lets see where they end up!

Happy Football Season everyone.

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