This past week I was lucky enough to travel to Munich for the premiere of Never Not which I’m sure by now you have all seen.  I took a couple of shots along the way.  What better way to start than the hofbrau house horses with their drinking and smoking boss. These two knackers wereRead more

I forgot my iphone

This is probably the best video ever which shows how the iphone has killed social interaction. [youtube][/youtube] Watch and start to put your iphone away. This is actually something which comes up with our team guys, best thing you can do is make everyone put their phones on the table, and first one to touchRead more

What could the Premier League learn from MLS?

We are constantly told by the British media that the Premier League is the best league in the world, and now in terms of entertainment it probably is.  There are question marks over the standard at times but in general you watch a whole season, and you will be entertained.  Now this enhanced reputation ofRead more

Never Not Part 1 Trailer

So we have been working hard for the last year on the Never Not movie project and the trailer for Part 1 is here from the mastermind Joe Carlino! [youtube][/youtube] TweetRead more