by The Good Life on September 23, 2013

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munich 8

This past week I was lucky enough to travel to Munich for the premiere of Never Not which I’m sure by now you have all seen.  I took a couple of shots along the way.  What better way to start than the hofbrau house horses with their drinking and smoking boss.munich7

These two knackers were around the whole time too.munich 5

There really is something to food in Germany.  This is some pork with crackling and knodel.  Tasty as tasty gets.munich 4

Then you have the staple diet of every best meal I ever tasted here.  Schnitzel.  Love me a schnitzel.munich 3

Sun was out.  Munich must easily be one of the best cities on earth.  Arcitecture is amazing, the people are always turned out smart, and its just a good place to be.
munich 2

Hangovers were being dealt with.munichand kids were safely locking away their scooters – just in case anyone would steal such a thing.


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